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SB-7:MC-PAK Spine board
SB-7:MC-PAK Spine board
SB-7: MC-PAK Spine board
- Size: 183.5×40×5CM;  N.W.:6.5KG/PC;
- Heavy duty shell construction. All of the strength is built into the
  shell and therefore there are no stiffeners in them. (x-ray
- Elongated hand holds. Makes it easier for the responder to
  handle the board with gloves on. Such as in an MCI situation.
- Child slots. Makes the board more versatile as it can be used
  for Adult or Child. About 10% of all patients in an MCI are
- Pins in all boards. The customer can use with their existing
  straps or if dedicated straps are used they can determine which will be best for them to use. Quick clip or loop
- Weight capacity. 600 lbs. most other boards for mass casualty situations are rated at 400 lbs. or below.
- Low cost. An economical board that will meet all of your needs.
- Color, bright green. Easy to see in a low light environment
- Compatible with most head immobilizers
- Molded 8-pin system
- Pins are placed strategically in hand holds to allow more room for bulky hands and gloves
- Impact resistance in hot or cold temperatures
- Highly resistant to blood, oils, acids and other chemical contaminates, easy to decontaminate.

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