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Ms. Izabela Dylewska has tested Otium from Winner kayak, she is the canoeist in Poland. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Izabela_Dylewska

Kanu Magazin made a international testival with double Kayaks and WINNER KAYAK get a well positive rating for that boat HUG.

Nereus II based on sit on top kayak Nereus is put into production from Jly.4th, welcome your orders except exclusive sales area in Australia and New Zealand
Cockpit touring kayak named “Club” is ready to be ordered from 10th June 2013 Model Club designed mainly for club training, performance skills and etc.The compact cockpit space make paddler possessing physical strength easliy and powerful but also resulting in not suit for long trip paddling.

WINNER KAYAK has been given the biggest possible support to our agents.
That’s why we have very harmonious cooperation partners all over the world.Similarly, we supplied great support to Australian agent (two company names they had used):“sports - united online & Port Vincent Beach & Sport”and“WINNERKAYAKSSA”(and the responsible person Mr Rodney) as: agree to the payment term change to be paid in 3 months after goods are received since he told us their financial crisis.
But,until the end of year 2012 Rodney hadn’t fulfilled his promise and refused to pay the total cost nearly USD50000.00.
After times ineffective communication with him, we decided to report to CHINA EXPORT & CREDIT INSURANCE CORPORATION (we will call it “sinosure”for short) on Feb, 2013. After detailed investigation, on April 2013 sinosure finally judged: Rodney’s company was making unreasonable refusal and we got the compensation.
At the same time, WINNER KAYAK decided to cancel all the cooperation with Mr Rodney’s company. So, any his personally and company activities won’t be representative of our WINNER KAYAK any more.

Cockpit family 2+1 seat kayak named “Cannonball” is ready to be ordered from 19th April 2013.


WINNER KAYAK European VIP center opened on 23th March,2013.

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