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Warning:Recently there are cheat mail who allege himself from Winner kayak.Please note mail from Winner kayak only through company mailbox @winnerkayak.com. All payment should go to WINNER KAYAK. Any different name is as cheat. Be cushion of cheat! Thank you!

In April, 2015, Winner kayak facotry was completely finished the factory inspections by the SGS. If you wish to overall to know Winner kayak, please click the link to get the test report. We believe if you read the report carefully, you would be greatly like to cooperate with us for long term.  http://pan.baidu.com/s/14OHzC

Serious Warning: ROOF RACKS that we purchased from Ningbo Beilun Onefeng Sports Products Co., Ltd. (http://www.onefengsports.com) have received strong complaints from our customers in Australia, England and other countries. The most terrible problem is when user drove on the highway, ROOF RACK broke and then kayak come off their car and dented it, nearly causing a major accident! So WINNER KAYAK’s urgent notice as following:

“2015 international Canoe Polo (Ningbo) summer camp” jointly sponsored by Winner Kayak and CPS ended on Jul.31th which lasts 15 days. Coaches, Athletes, Hobbyists from more than 20 countries and areas around the world gathering in Ningbo DongQian lake Coastline Club held the match play, technical training and etc.

Winner kayak is attending the Shanghai boat show from Apr. 9th~Apr. 12th.
Welcome visit our booth HALL 1, K07.

On Aug.28th, new transparent kayak named VUE-2 from Winner kayak starts to sell. We now invite solo agent in every country in the world to join us! If you feel great interesting on our transparent model series, please send email to hello@winnerkayak.com

More introduction about Clear kayak VUE series, please click below link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AR19fujGVUE

Winner kayak are now attending Sydney boat show and mainly sourcing local agents! There are lots of new models exhibited on the booth, welcome visit us there!
 WINNER KAYAK Booth No.: HALL 3,  #380  Sydney 
Exhibition Centre @ Glebe Island 41 James Craig Rd,Rozelle NSW 2039


WINNER KAYAK attended the meeting “The Thirty Years of Rotational Molding in China” held by RPC-CPPIA from May.28th to May. 30th. Congratulations that we won the grand prize which is one of the only five big prizes. Ms Winnie and Ms Christina also gave a successful speech on that meeting.


On April.24th, firstly new transparent kayak named VUE-1 from Winner kayak starts to sell. During the next three months, Model VUE-2, VUE-3 will also be launched. We now invite solo agent in every country in the world to join us! If you feel great interesting on our transparent model series, please send email to hello@winnerkayak.com

Cooperate with CANOE FRANCE to develop the Balawika kayak model which is formally on production. Balawika model is mainly suit for tourism and rent industry.

Annual Surf Expo held on January 9 - 11 2014 in Orlando, Florida. Winner kayak America agent attend that trade show and congratulations for the success we achieved there.




On Oct.2th to Oct.4th, Winner Kayak Germany agent attend the PADDLE expo 2013 in Nuremberg, Germany. President David Chen also attend the trade show and had a nice and detail communication with Mr Chris the chief of ACA on the party which held after the show.


On Oct.6th, 2013, Zhejiang Province was affected by the typhoon and lots of cities have been swamped by water. Government from Ningbo City organized a volunteer team who paddling the Winner kayak directly to the disaster area for helping providing food, water and all other things. http://www.abbao.cn/issue/4123886818

Due to excellent job done by our America agent Mr Dave, we have got commit with ACA that each customer who purchase one Winner kayak or Coastal kayak would get a free one year membership in ACA.
We would like to share this great news to every Winner kayak customer everywhere in the world. This tells Winner factory is different from other kayak factory who produce and sell kayaks but also be serious about paddling and encouraging our customers to be more involved with the paddling community.


A short film and catalogue for WINNER KAYAK of 2014 is on making. The main theme is introducing of Made In China.



Ms. Izabela Dylewska has tested Otium from Winner kayak, she is the canoeist in Poland. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Izabela_Dylewska

Kanu Magazin made a international testival with double Kayaks and WINNER KAYAK get a well positive rating for that boat HUG.

Nereus II based on sit on top kayak Nereus is put into production from Jly.4th, welcome your orders except exclusive sales area in Australia and New Zealand
Cockpit touring kayak named “Club” is ready to be ordered from 10th June 2013 Model Club designed mainly for club training, performance skills and etc.The compact cockpit space make paddler possessing physical strength easliy and powerful but also resulting in not suit for long trip paddling.

WINNER KAYAK has been given the biggest possible support to our agents.
That’s why we have very harmonious cooperation partners all over the world.Similarly, we supplied great support to Australian agent (two company names they had used):“sports - united online & Port Vincent Beach & Sport”and“WINNERKAYAKSSA”(and the responsible person Mr Rodney) as: agree to the payment term change to be paid in 3 months after goods are received since he told us their financial crisis.
But,until the end of year 2012 Rodney hadn’t fulfilled his promise and refused to pay the total cost nearly USD50000.00.
After times ineffective communication with him, we decided to report to CHINA EXPORT & CREDIT INSURANCE CORPORATION (we will call it “sinosure”for short) on Feb, 2013. After detailed investigation, on April 2013 sinosure finally judged: Rodney’s company was making unreasonable refusal and we got the compensation.
At the same time, WINNER KAYAK decided to cancel all the cooperation with Mr Rodney’s company. So, any his personally and company activities won’t be representative of our WINNER KAYAK any more.

Cockpit family 2+1 seat kayak named “Cannonball” is ready to be ordered from 19th April 2013.


WINNER KAYAK European VIP center opened on 23th March,2013.

On 24th Jan,2013 , Winner Kayak had an annual symposium.All our suppliers and staffs were present.After a whole year's hard working,Winner Kayak became more famous in the world.We enjoyed the night to celebrate our progress.Hope Winner Kayak will be better and better in the future.

Finally,our hero--David and Maghnus arrived in Shanghai at night on 15th Jan 2013.It lasts 292 days after they set off from Istanbul, Turkey, on a 16,000 kilometer journey to Shanghai in an effort to raise money for charity.On 16th Jan 2013,they were greeted by the Irish Consulate General, The honorary Mr Austin Gormley.After a celebration they had a lot of interviews by foreign media.

During their 6,300 kilometers paddling,they paddled everyday and it is a great test for our product.There are rapids ,cold weather and so on.But our product keep them a wondeful journey for more than 2 months .After they finished,there is no any problem from our kayaks.Such a long way to paddle proves our product's quality is quite good.

On 1st Jan,David and Maghnus arrived Wuhu and they had an interview by Wuhu TV.After two days rest,they are ready to tackle the final 450km to Shanghai.I attached their Silk Road To Shanghai's path.

From 29th to 30th Dec,a coach from Taiwan CPS club have a class to canoe polo fans from all over China.Caoch teachs them all kinds of skills and rules of canoe polo.Fans benifit a lot from the class.This is the first time to promote canoe polo game in China.We think it can be the start to make the game popular in China.Besides Winner Kayak as a sponsor supports this activity.

On 29th Dec,David and Maghnus caught in a snow in Jiangsu Province.So they have to stop and start the next day.Anyway they are both well and thanks for everyone's concern.They want to say Happy New Year to all.

David and Maghnus have just finished 20 days straight paddling from Yichang,900 km.All is good on the Tang Jiang/ Yangtze and all is great with the kayaks although they felt so tired.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to them and to every one.

Two Irish man David Burns and Maghnus Collins Smyth are acting their new expedition Silk Roads to Shanghai.It is a 16,000km Cycle, Run and Raft from Istanbul to Shanghai. They began on the 29th March 2012.After they arrived China, they planed to paddle from the source of the Yangtze to its mouth at Shanghai. Winner kayaks as sponsors support them to finish such a great achievement. So far,they have left Wuhan and kept forwarding. Winner Kayak will pay close attention to their journey and report it continually.

During 5th-9th November,Mr.Derek and Mr.Michael visited our factory and have a meeting with Mr.David.Besides we enjoyed a sunshine afternoon on paddling on the Dongqian Lake in Ningbo.They also test the new product--Purity II.They thought it is perfect on its design and controlling.

On 25th October,Winner Kayak did a series of tests for Rider,Nereus III and Purity II.Especially,Purity II show a great characteristic on easy to paddle and easy to control.

From September 2012,Winner Kayak cost one month to do the container loading test for Nereus III.We are satisfied with the result and are confident for our product quality.

In October 14th 2012,1st Ningbo Kayak Festival came to a successful end.President David Chen was present as a guest.Winner Kayak is as the specified kayak to let more people to know kayak and paddle.

In October 6th 2012,Winner Kayak invited two professional canoe polo teams from Taiwan to play a friendly match in Dongqian Lake,Ningbo.They are in the top 10 of world national canoe polo teams.During the match,the WPK manufactured by Winner Kayak showed a great quality and profession.Besides,we organized the first team of Winner Canoe Polo.

In September 2012, WINNER KAYAK attended Kanumesse & SUP-expo-International Paddle Sports Trade Show 2012

In September 26th, Winner Kayak factory hold a fun games meeting for all staffs.The fun games include men's team kayak sprint,single kayak sprint,Ping-pong game,billiards game.Every one not only do good job on their work,also do good job on playing games.We enjoy our life.

During July 25th to 28th,President David Chen visited American branch of Winner Kayak,also visited some Winner Kayak shops.Then he had a meeting with Dave Burden about the market prospect and direction of development.

In July 29th 2012,West Lake Kayak Festival took WINNER KAYAK as the specified kayak.And this activity be published on DuShiKuaiBao which is the largest circulation newspaper in Zhejiang Province.

In July 18th 2012,the Shanghai Chief Representative of PTT Polymer Marketing Company Limited which is as a polymer marketing arm for PTT Group,the national energy company of Thailand visited Winner Kayak factory.President David Chen had a close conversation about the cooperation with them。
In June 2012, Rider & Nereus III launched.
Rider’ s characteristic: it equips dynamical system, its length is only 2 meters, it is easy to carry and store.
Nereus III is the birdfarm of kayak, it designs for 3 adults to paddle and equips footrest and rudder system which ensure people easy to control the direction.

In April 2012, WINNER KAYAK attended China(Shanghai) International Boat Show. William, Derek, Dave, Mike, Jeremy were present.

In February 2012, Driftwood launched which owned independent intellectual property rights.
Driftwood’s characteristic: it has wood-grain deck and it is stable enough to paddle under any water condition. It looks like wood-made but it is truly plastic.
In February 2012, Ms. Christina Bi took charge of sales and service of European marketing.

In December 31st 2011, WINNER KAYAK’s sales volume of year reached 15000pecs.
In October 7th 2011,Xiaoshan International Kayak Marathon took WINNER KAYAK as the specified kayak.
n September 17th 2011, Fuchun River Kayak Challenge took WINNER KAYAK as the specified kayak.

In May 2011, America Canoe Association opened classes at training base, 5 coach passed the exam and got the certificate.

In April 2011, WINNER KAYAK attended China(Shanghai) International Boat Show, William, Derek, Cam were present.

In April 2011,WINNER KAYAK China training base officially opened, its purpose was to promote kayak sport.
In 2010, WINNER KAYAK attended XMAS Boat Show first time.
In 2010, WINNER KAYAK attend London Boat Show first time.

In December 31st 2010, WINNER KAYAK’s sales volume of year reached 11000pecs.

In November 2010, WINNER KAYAK became the designated supplier of BCF.

In September 4th 2010,Xiamen Kayak Marathon took WINNER KAYAK as the specified kayak.

In May 2010,Huangpu River Rafting purchased 300pecs NEREUS as rafting boat.
In April 2010,WINNER KAYAK attended China(Shanghai) International Boat Show, William was present.

In December 31st 2009, WINNER KAYAK’s sales volume of year reached 8500pecs.

In November 2009, WINNER KAYAK did the freely-falling crash test first time. Then this test would be done irregularly.

In June 2009, all kind of product of WINNER KAYAK started much different test, from then on,all dates about WINNER KAYAK should be 100% correct.

In June 2009,WINNER KAYAK QC standard was carried out, any unqualified product should be destroyed in factory.
In April 2009,WINNER KAYAK attended China(Shanghai) International Boat Show first time.

In February 2009, WINNER KAYAK confirmed to make Thailand SCG as the designated supplier of material LLDPE.
In January 26-29th 2009, WINNER SPINE BOARD attended Arab Health/Arab Health Pharma first time.

In January 3rd 2009, the first container(120pecs Velocity) was deliveried to Europe.

In December 10th 2008 9:45am, the first kayak Velocity(yellow&red color) was manufactured from WINNER KAYAK factory.

In December 2008, Chinese Agent started marketing promotion in China which lasted 3 years for WINNER KAYAK.

In December 2008, Australian Agent started marketing promotion in Australia which lasted 3 years for WINNER KAYAK.

In December 2008, European branch of WINNER KAYAK was established.

In November 2008, WINNER KAYAK became the designated supplier of Ray’s Outdoors.

In October 2008, Wang Guifa became the factory director of WINNER KAYAK.

In October 2008, WINNER KAYAK was established.

In June 2008, David Chen sold out his all stock of FEELFREE KAYAK.

In 2007, Ms. Winnie Mei joined WINNER, she took charge of the global marketing of SPINE BOARD.

In 2007, WINNER Import & Export CO.,LTD was established, main business is SPINE BOARD.

In 1996, David Chen joined FEELFREE ROTOMOULD, then he established FEELFREE KAYAK of China as the legal representative in 2007.

In 1995, David Chen imported 3X40HQ containers of KIWI Kayak from America to promote in China.

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